Everything we do is to benefit bereaved parents and relatives who experience the loss of a baby. We offer support for baby loss that occurs at any stage of pregnancy, at, or just after birth – whatever the circumstances and however long ago. Our services include: emotional and practical support at the point of loss; professional counselling; open support meetings for parents and relatives; befriending; and ways to remember our babies. We are also here to support bereaved parents through subsequent pregnancies.

We work closely with medical professionals, and others who come into contact with parents and relatives whose babies die. By sharing our experience, we help ensure bereaved parents are treated sensitively and with genuine care.

It’s a cause we are passionate about because we understand. And whilst we can’t make everything better, we believe our approach helps to make sure things aren’t worse for bereaved parents and relatives.

Real Stories

Dad’s Loss, Admiration, Love, Support & Positivity

‘I assumed as we had already had a loss we would just sail through this pregnancy like before, but I was wrong. We had our 20 week scan at 21 weeks and all was going well until the nurse announced she ‘was not happy with the scan’… Our first child came along with really no effort…

Babies Ivy and Ava

‘Such a difficult experience knowing that after the labour and delivering the girls we would not have the joy of holding two healthy, crying babies in our arms…’ In March 2013 we were delighted when we found out we were expecting our first baby. So when we had our twelve week scan at the end…

Baby Fraser

‘The enormity of what we had lost hit us as we said goodbye; it wasn’t just Fraser the baby we had lost, it was Fraser the toddler, the teenager, the adult…’ Part 1 – The Beginning of Baby Fraser Steve and I met in 2004 in our early thirties. Steve already had a teenage daughter…

Baby Jac

‘We didn’t sleep that night for tears. It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make…’ My story goes back to September 2006. My husband had previously had a vasectomy reversal and I felt our chances of having our own baby together were very slim, but in April 2006 the two lines appeared…

Losing Flint

‘I remember waking up in recovery and I just felt numb…’ It was June 14th 2010 when my world fell apart and changed forever. After experiencing a course of IVF treatment which we funded ourselves as there was no funding available, I was delighted to discover I was pregnant after our first course of treatment. I…

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    Open Support Meeting The Coffee House, 10 Adastral Square, Canford Heath, Poole, Dorset BH17 8SA7:30 PM

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